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Important: You must contact the site contact for each videoconference room and reserve the physical room BEFORE submitting this reservation to TTVN. This form does not reserve the physical videoconference rooms.

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Additional Sites

If you do not enter other sites, you MUST enter instructions for any other sites, live video streams, or recordings in the Special Instructions section. To add more locations, click the + Add button.

Shows Multiple Sites on Screen Simultaneously
Uses Zoom software
Allows the ability to dial a voice call from your phone and participate via audio in video conferences
Allows video conferences to connect using 6 phone lines. Use case for this would be connecting to the military.
$770 per day - Call TTVN, available based of staffing and resource availability

Reservation Confirmations

You will receive a Videoconference Reservation Confirmation by email from TTVN Scheduling within one business day (unless you submit this form less than one business day prior to your event, in which case you need to call TTVN Scheduling at (979) 862-2240 in order to confirm that we have received your reservation.)

Telecourse Deadlines

IMPORTANT: Telecourse Reservations must be submitted to TTVN Scheduling no later than 8:00am on the Friday prior to the first class meeting date.


For assistance with this form, please call TTVN Scheduling at 979-862-2240 or Contact TTVN Scheduling.