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TTVN Scheduling and Information
Main Phone Number: (979) 862−2240
8:00am—5:00pm Central Time - Monday through Friday

Contact TTVN Scheduling for information on:

  • General Information about TTVN Videoconference and Live Video Streaming Services
  • Videoconference, Telecourse and Live Video Stream Scheduling
  • Videoconference and Live Video Stream Recordings
  • Videoconference Site Logistics
  • Videoconference Systems and Video Technology Consultation
  • To Schedule a Videoconference, please see TTVN Reservation Forms
Contact TTVN

TTVN Operations and Technical Support
Main Phone Number: (979) 862−2241
7:30am—9:00pm Central Time - Monday through Friday (or any time video events are scheduled)

Contact TTVN Operations for information on:

  • Immediate Telephone Support for Scheduled Videoconferences
  • Immediate Telephone Support for Scheduled Live Video Streams
Contact TTVN

Live video streams may originate from any TTVN videoconference system, as part of any scheduled multipoint videoconference, or from a stand-alone digital media system. Live video streams consist of one-way, non-interactive, audio/video delivered over the Internet to personal computers and mobile devices. For more information about TTVN live video streams, or to schedule a live video stream, please contact TTVN Scheduling at (979) 862-2240 or Contact TTVN.

TTVN live video streams are publically accessible to anyone with access to this web site. Please take this fact into account when discussing confidential information in a videoconference that is also live video streamed.

TTVN live video streams using Ustream technology are viewable on virtually any computer or mobile device.
All times listed are U.S. Central Time. Most live video streams will start 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the event.
Any TTVN live video stream may also be recorded for continuing long-term on-demand access and storage but it is up to the event creator to request recording of the stream. If it is available, you can find the recordings on the event's page.
To search the TTVN schedule, use the search bar at the top of the site to enter one or more words from a videoconference or live video stream title, event number, or a specific TTVN site code that's included in the videoconference. For an advanced search, click the Advanced dropdown to search by date, location, organization in addition to the items in the search field. Your search results will be displayed on a search results where there are options to filter the results further if needed. Click on the event title to see more detail about each event.